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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Rochester police are investigating two more reports of catalytic converter thefts, including one that occurred in broad daylight.

A woman reported the theft occurred sometime Friday while she was working at the Think Bank headquarters. Her vehicle was parked in the parking lot of the business in the 5200 block of Members Parkway NW.


The woman said was leaving work Friday afternoon and noticed her car was making a loud noise. She had a mechanic check her vehicle and that’s when the theft was discovered.

A Bemidji man reported the catalytic converter on his pickup truck was stolen Saturday night or early Sunday while the vehicle was parked at SoRoc apartments in the 4800 block of Maine Ave SE.

Meanwhile, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft of three of the devices from two RVs that were being stored at Eastside Storage along Highway 14 East. They had been put in storage last November and it’s unknown when they were stolen. The loss was put at $7,000.

News update:  Fundraiser started for family of Rochester teenager who was killed Sunday.

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