This morning, I open up the youtubes, looking for some escape from tragedy time. And the first thing I see is...cucumbers. And how they scare cats. 

Do cucumbers scare cats?

Meh...probably not. It's probably just that owners put the cucumbers in while the cat was distracted by eating, so seeing a big green thing freaked 'em out. After all...they're cats. What are they if not over sensitive?'s not surprising to learn some folks were outraged, and think the cat scaring is evil incarnate (yeah, I read the comments...I'll never learn), but since most people won't be scaring their cats over and over and over and over, I have it on good authority that the cats will be mostly OK. Or as OK as they can be...they'll still be cats, after all. ((rim shot))

To be fair, I hate being startled, so I feel for 'em. If I was ever on Ellen, and she tried to "scare" me*, I'd walk off the dang show. And how sad would THAT be? She'd lose me as a viewer, which means America would stop watching her show, and he career would be ruined. Ruined! are some cats being startled by cucumbers.

And, just for fun, a cat NOT being scared by a cucumber, but defiantly being annoyed by its' human.