Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Scott Baio puts his foot in his mouth.

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Erin Moran, star of Happy Days and the spin-off sitcom, Joanie Loves Chachi was found dead late Saturday afternoon. She was remembered fondly by co-stars Henry Winkler, who played The Fonz, Ron Howard, who played her older brother Richie, and Don Most, who played one of Richie's buddies, class clown, Ralph.

Even Joanie Loves Chachi co-star Scott Baio.

Credit: Twitter Screen Capture
Credit: Twitter Screen Capture

You can almost see a hint of a shot there can't you? He couldn't stop at "animal loving soul". #RIPJoanie, or #JoanieNChachi4Evuh.

And then he did an interview, where he basically said he thought she died from hard partyin' with the drugs and the alcohol.

Since leaving Hollywood for Indiana, unfortunately, she was known for that. She and her husband had fallen on hard times. But that might not have been the cause of death.

Her sitcom crush before Chachi, Anson Williams, who played Potsie, said she may have died from throat cancer. The two stayed close over the years - closer than she was with Baio. It was kept quiet out of respect for her privacy. An autopsy is still pending, but somebody told People that she did have throat cancer and needed a feeding tube just before her death. Even the medical examiner believes that may ultimately be the cause of death.

Even sadder? Chachi turns out to be a Potsie.

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