Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A change has been made at a Rochester intersection near Lourdes High School where a bicyclist recently suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a car.

Two other bicyclists were also struck by a vehicle a few weeks ago but were not seriously injured.That led several local bicyclists to take their concerns to the Rochester City Council last week.

The council directed the city traffic engineer to consider options to make the intersection safer for bicyclists and pedestrians, especially at the site where the accidents occurred.

The engineer has now changed the traffic control light for motorists turning left onto 19th St from Valleyhigh Drive.They now will have a red light if the pedestrian button has been activated.

Here is the notice from traffic engineer George Calebaugh:

Now the flashing yellow left arrow does not come on for the approach when it would conflict with the parallel pedestrian crossing phase (Walk and Flashing Don’t Walk); the red left arrow is on when the pedestrian crossing phase is operating.  The pedestrian crossing phase is only activated if the pedestrian pushbutton is pushed.  Note that, at this intersection, pedestrian crossings are only allowed across the west and south legs of the intersection.  Pedestrians are prohibited from crossing the east and north legs, so there are no pedestrian signal indications for these legs.  With the revision we made to the signal operation, the left turns across the east and north legs still get the flashing yellow left arrow because pedestrians are not suppose to be crossing here.

There could soon be another traffic-related change in that area.The City Council is being asked to consider lowering the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on 19th St between Valleyhigh Dr and West Circle Dr.

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