By now the entire world knows about Ray Rice and what he did to his then fiancée/now wife in that elevator.  The public is outraged and the Baltimore Ravens released Rice from the team, while the NFL has suspended him indefinitely.

So what do people do with their Ray Rice jerseys?  The Ravens are sponsoring a jersey exchange next week.  Some businesses and restaurants in Baltimore are letting people trade in their jerseys for food or certificates.  And some people are simply burning them or tearing them up.

(Facebook-Photo by Bryan Bartlett)

But one family of Ravens fans decided to do something different.  Bryan Bartlett glued some letters on to his 6-year-old daughter Brynn’s jersey and changed the word “Rice” to “Be Nice” and added “To Girls” on the bottom. His wife posted a photo on Facebook of the girl modeling the new look jersey and it went viral on social media.

What a great idea.  Rather than destroy the jersey, they turned it into a positive message for everyone to follow “Be Nice To Girls”.   Well done Bartletts!