Happy 10th Birthday to YouTube! I can barely remember what life was like before it. Of all the thousands of viral videos the world has seen over the past decade, few were bigger than the "Charlie Bit My Finger" video in 2007. At last check it had over 815,000,000 views!

I've often wondered what Charlie and his older brother Harry are like today, some eight years later. I came across a recent BBC interview with the boys. There's still a resemblance but they're much older. Charlie is 9, Harry is 11. And they don't really understand all the fuss over their infamous 57-second video.

But fuss we did. It's the most-watched non-music video in YouTube's history. And it's number 11 all-time. In case you're wondering, "Gangnam Style" is number one all-time with over 2.3 BILLION views! (Which sort of makes 'Charlie' a bite-size video in comparison).