Since 2004 they've been delivering to homes in Chatfield, but now, Kapper's Big Red Barn is extending delivery to Rochester. And it's not just dairy products they'll deliver.

Bringing more than just milk right to your door. We're partnering with other local companies to offer all your grocery staples for home delivery. Have delivery once a week or once a month, customize everything just the way you like it. (source)

Kappers have been farming for a long long time, but, according to their website, they decided to stop selling to the creameries and sell directly to the consumer. They're a micro-dairy. What's that mean?

This means all the milk our cows produce is pumped a short distance of 20ft (yup, we’ve measured) directly next door into the on-site processing plant. We process milk up to 5 times per week, using low temp pasteurization. This allows us to provide you with the freshest dairy products possible, often times the milk travels from cow to you in less than 12 hours.

What are the prices like? Check 'em out here. Would you like a local weekly delivery like this? My mom used to get milk delivered in our home town. She loved the milk's freshness, I loved the old school bottles. Made me feel like we're in the olden days. Too bad I was allergic to milk. ((sad milk trombone))

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