The Staudts hung 10,000 purple lights and synchronized them to “Purple Rain” to honor the late musician. Mike Staudt told the Star Tribune,We’ve always been casual Prince fans, but his passing really hit us. We regretted not taking advantage of having such an iconic star so close to us and never attended any of the shows or concerts at Paisley.”  Staudt put in at least 200 hours of work to create the Christmas show.


The light shows last 14 minutes and can be seen:

  • 5:40 to 9 p.m., Sundays through Thursdays
  • 5 to 9:40p.m. on Friday and Saturday

The home is located at 3850 Pascolo Bend in Chaska. If you decide to check it out make sure your car radio is tuned to 87.9FM to hear Prince’s music.