St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is in the preliminary process of reviewing a request to send hundreds of millions of gallons of water out of state.

A company based in Lakeville has submitted a request to begin pumping water from two wells near Cannon Falls.

The permit request indicates the company wants to pump half a billion gallons of water per year and send it by rail to states in the southwest part of the country. If approved, this would apparently be the first time such a large amount of water would be shipped out of the state.


The Pioneer Press reports the wells would be located north of the town of Randolph, which is on the west side of Lake Byllesby. The company already owns the property.

The Minnesota Water Well Association is voicing strong opposition to the proposed permit, which was filed in early October.

"The idea of shipping the waters of Minnesota to another region is not the best thought out plan" said David Schulenberg, Executive Director of the Minnesota Water Well Association. "The waters of Minnesota should not be for sale! Keeping the groundwater in the current watershed and aquifers so we can continue to have sound water management in this state is one of our major concerns.

The MWWA is urging state leaders to reject the proposal.

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