I'm one of the few that hasn't been complaining about how cool it's been. I love it...partially because I love the way the air smells when it's slightly chilly, and partly because you can only take off so many clothes before you're breaking the law. 

Normally we'd be around  the mid 50's by now, but we'll start the week off in the 40's, and end the week in the 60's. And that's good, I dig it...but I'm OK with the cool because I know that soon enough it'll be hot and super humid.


With the cold you can always put on more clothes, turn up the heat, burn baby's letter blocks, whatever. When it's hot, tho? Sure, you can turn on the air conditioner, and that might help. Usually does. (Speaking of that, I don't even know how people could stand living pre-air conditioning. And those were the generations that built and did so much! HEY! That's the problem with the world! Too much AC!)

But when you go outside, hot again. And you can only get so naked before the police get involved. So, all in all, Spring, Fall, Winter for me.

Here's the forecast from the National Weather Service...

After a cool start to the week, temperatures will be warming as high pressure becomes the dominant weather feature....

Posted by US National Weather Service La Crosse Wisconsin on Sunday, April 10, 2016