For many decades, kids have enjoyed playing with Legos. But no one enjoys it more than one architect in Seattle. He likely has the biggest collection of Legos in the world. He has over a quarter of a million of the little lockable pieces, neatly organized in the basement of his home. It looks like my son's dream basement!

I thought my oldest son Andy had a Lego obsession when he had about five or six bins filled with Legos. Besides regular visits to Toys-R-Us, we also made the trek to Legoland at the Mall of America a few times to feed his hobby. The only thing that rivaled Andy's love for Legos was his passion for Nintendo. In fact he came up with some pretty cool Nintendo creations with his Legos.

Andy's Lego Creations

Even though Andy moved out of the house a few years ago, his bins of Legos still reside in my basement. His younger brother Logan occasionally plays with them but not to the degree that Andy did. And no one in the world will top architect Jeffrey Pelletier when it comes to being Lego King!