There was a high speed chase this morning that began in Dodge County and ended in Rochester’s Country Club Manor neighborhood - and it had a wild ending. A Kasson police officer tried stopping a vehicle around 5:45 but the male driver took off east on Highway 14 at speeds of around 100 miles per hour.  An Olmsted deputy began pursuing the man and followed him when he turned onto West Circle Drive, where a city police officer joined the pursuit.

The man ditched the car in the 4000 block of 7th street and took off on foot. A short while later he broke into a house in the 4300 block of 7th street where he was confronted by the 58 year old homeowner.   The homeowner  - who was getting ready for work and was dressed in just his underwear - forced the man outside and held him until the officers arrived.  They took the man into custody after a taser was used to subdue him.

Police later recovered a pop can at the scene that contained methamphetamine in a hidden compartment.  The 26 year old man has been identified as Randy Rocha.

He has a Claremont address and a history of traffic-related and other offenses.

Olmsted County Sheriff Department