I've always wanted to have a couples court on the show, and today, "Allison" messaged this question, makes my dreams a reality! Should she put it on a credit card?

James - My husband and I listen every day on our drive in from Owatonna. I need your money opinion. My husband and I just redid the counters, sink, backsplash and floor in the kitchen. It looks great, but it cost us SO much money! And my husband talked me into putting it on the credit card because he just paid off all his credit cards from before we were married (we've been married about 3 years).


I already feel stressed about putting so much money on a card, and NOW he saw a sale where we can 'save a ton' on new appliances if we open a store credit card. I said we don't have the money. He said we'll put it on the store card! I go "Which means we'll pay even more in the long run." He says we can cover it, but I don't want to add more credit card debt when we could just save the money and get new appliances in a year or two.

And yes, our appliances are older, but they work well enough, and there's no GOOD reason to get rid of 'em. We would literally be throwing them out because they don't look nice. I think he got the idea from his best friend, who just bought new appliances. But they put 'em on a credit card. They put EVERYTHING on a credit card!

Just like he used to. Just like what got him in trouble and made collections call all the time. It was so bad, and now he wants  to dive right back into it. He didn't learn a thing!

We've had a few days of arguments as I suggested he get a second job to pay for the stuff he wants. He says that's dumb because he's too old to get a part time job (he's 29!) and the credit card has a ton of room on it. So why not use it?

We're usually listening between 8 and 8:30, so if you can talk about it then, I'd love to have him hear you tell me I'm right.


So, what do you think?


Speaking of old appliances, here's one that tried to burn my hand off!


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