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CNN is reporting the Portland, OR bike ride organizers are NOT giving in to Covid-19! The Naked Bike Ride is on. Kinda.

The WORLD Naked Bike Ride has been canceled in many cities, including London. So, is Portland, OR buck-nakeding the trend? Like I said above...kinda.

Like most things done in a group, they usually meet in a set location, have some fun and games, and then mount their bikes and ride. A mass nakedness before hopping on the bike (maybe a banana seat while wearing a banana hammock for the shy?).

Anna Kucherova Think Stock

No gathering this time. Just put on (take off?) your birthday suit and bike wherever and whenever y'want.  Why don't a ton of people get arrested every year? It's a protest "...meant to protest against society's dependency on oil as well as promote cyclist safety and body positivity. (source)"

I would think with a group you're more likely NOT to get questioned. Here's some proof I definitely did NOT just pulled out of my NOT naked butt. 

  • Group On Corner Watching Many Naked Bike Riders Ride By: Oh,'s the Naked Bike Ride awesome!"
  • Group On Corner Watching ONE Naked Bike Rider Ride By: Oh, hey, what's up over there, then? Should we call the police ya think?

Interesting the second group were OBVIOUSLY Minnesotans. But, point made. You're better in a group of nakedness. Flock of nakedness? A Flesh of Bikers?

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