Yes, it is a Chainsaw!  He works on Trees.  Watch a video of him talking after the accident. He said “It could happen to anybody climbing a tree,” only one day after. This is incredible.  His name is James Valentine and he was in a harness halfway up a tree when it happened.  A co-worker brought him down and they were able to stabilize him on the scene.  An EMS worker claimed he never lost conciousness. Talk about adreniline! 

This is what James told KDKA, a local news station, “I was holding it with this hand and scooted down with this hand,” said Valentine. “Soon as I got down… Just seeing the blood just squirting out, that was crazy.”

Oh my!   Well, there goes one of your nine lives James!  Wow! Can you believe he even wants to keep climbing trees?  He says that is what he does.