What's going on with crime rates in Rochester? The answer is, maybe it's a bit of a mixed bag. Statistics show overall crime rates in Rochester are down, but if asked, most people would tell you crime is a growing problem in the city.

Police Chief Roger Peterson says part of the perception is due to the way crime statistics are tallied, but he also believes it's because the types of crimes occurring in Rochester are changing. In the YouTube video at the top of this post, the Chief shares several reasons why there is a perception that crime is on the rise.

Chief Peterson noted there was a spike in the number of burglaries in Rochester last year, but he added that a closer look at the crime statistics shows that was largely due to the misdeeds of a single person who broke into dozens of businesses and homes over a period of a couple months.

Chief Peterson is a regular guest on KROC-AM with Rich Peterson during the "Rochester's Good Morning Show from 5:30-10:00 a.m. and his discussion of the crime statistics from last year occurred during his most recent appearance during the week of February 15-19th. 

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