No more violent summers - they're all made of stars.  The Police Department from a city similar in size to Rochester decided to make their own version of the One Republic song Counting Stars. It had to be fun for them to create.

Two police officers from Hampton, Virginia decided to make this video in response to an increasing number of youth crimes in their area.  Officer Chris Reyes and patrol officer Leon Robertson both have backgrounds in entertainment as well as law enforcement. Reyes performed in theater during his time at Hampton University, and he sang and acted in the video. Robertson is the social media coordinator for the public information office of the division, and he revised the lyrics of the song.  They make a video a week on different topics and they wanted to make a memorable video that would get people talking. What they accomplished is a viral video with more than twelve thousand views on YouTube.

Here is the official One Republic video of the song.

Eventually I am sure that One Republic is going to stumble upon this video. It would be cool to see their reaction to it. Ryan Tedder of One Republic almost gave his song to Beyonce.  That would've really been different wouldn't it? He talks about the song at the Peoples Choice Awards:

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