It doesn't matter where the music is coming from, or even if there is music, when the dancing is in the kid, the dancing has got to come out! And this little girl, well, she has the dance in her and the rock and roll face in her, too! You will love this!

The Karaoke Extranvaganza was a blast. So many great singers, huge sound, and an amazing audience that showed everyone love. I joked that my goal was to make someone cry, but that's because I'm so the opposite. All II wanna do is have fun and cheer on the singers (who are all far braver and more talented than me).

And, at every event, a kid must dance. Sometimes several, but at least one. This time it's a super cute girl with pink pants, and a sweaty brow. Plus one amazing rock and roll face. She hits the stance and her eyes, mouth, and cheeks all scrunch together. Wait, that next move is she about to poo---nope, she's just setting up the rocker scream!

I love little kids and their dance, their energy, and the way they just let it all hang out.