This weekend we "Quantum Leap" forward, and lose an hour as Daylight Savings Time Begins. Here are a few tips to help you adjust.

Daylight Savings Time is going to mess with your body clock! According  to Huffington Post, here are the Top 5 tips to help you adjust to leaping forward in time.



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    Setting the clocks ahead one hour is going to have a huge impact on your sleep. The best way to adjust is to go to bed earlier. Starting tonight. Adjust your bedtime maybe fifteen or thirty minutes early than normal tonight, tomorrow and Sunday night. Monday morning you won't feel like your dragging your feet.

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    Yeah, it's Friday night and the last thing you want to be doing is washing your sheets. But, take a few minutes to change them and create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere so that when you do go to sleep, you actually fall asleep quicker and more easily. No distractions, like your phone, or reading or television if you have one in your bedroom.

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    Here's an idea that works all the time not just this weekend to adjust to the time change. Couple hours before going to bed, don't eat anything. Eating right before bed will affect your sleep.

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    This could be the deal-breaker. This is how you'll know if you're serious about adjusting to the time change. Skip drinking this weekend. Save it for St. Paddy's Day. You're already going to feel as if you have a hangover on Monday from setting the clock forward and losing an hour. That's probably not the best argument for not having a drink this weekend, because if you're already going to feel the hangover, you might as well have earned it...

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    Wait, what now? No caffeine either?! I am just not changing the clocks at all this weekend! First you take away my booze, next you take away life's blood! It's a good idea the rest of the time to cut back on caffeine at least six hours before going to bed. The good news is, Lent is almost over... The bad news is, St. Paddy's day is still before Easter.

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