Happy Friday Inauguration Day! Whatever happens today you CAN celebrate with a cold one and a tough as nails Commando-in-Chief!


Today we inaugurate our 45th President of the United States.

I'm going to spend the day watching movies where the POTUS is a real action hero; a Commando-in-Chief. You can watch House of Cards or The West Wing on Netflix. Here are my Top 5 favorite movies:

  • Clemens Bilan
    Clemens Bilan

    White House Down

    Neither White House Down or its doppelganger Olympus Has Fallen stream on Netflix right now. You could stream London Has Fallen. That seems more like a Gerard Butler action picture as a disgraced Secret Service agent than an action picture about Aaron Eckhart as POTUS. Cathy picked White House Down because of Channing Tatum's down on his luck Secret Service agent. And his Die Hard tee shirt. Jamie Foxx does step up into action as President James Sawyer.

  • Getty Images for Breakthrough Pr
    Getty Images for Breakthrough Pr

    Deep Impact

    When the nation faces a HUGE crisis, like...oh, say a ginormous meteor falling from the sky, who can we turn to? Morgan Freeman's President Tom Beck. He provides the calm to brace ourselves against the inevitable Deep Impact. Unlike Armageddon, where we send Bruce Willis and a wacky crew of oil drillers to blow up the meteor, Freeman's team has no way to avert disaster. Just the strength to stand tall until the very end. Unfortunately this is another one that doesn't stream right now on Netflix.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Independence Day

    It was probably a good idea that Will Smith did not come back for Resurgence. The reviews were awful. Independence Day is a pretty cool alien invasion movie. Will Smith is pretty good as an Air Force pilot that leads the charge to turn back the invasion. Jeff Goldblum is the guy that figures out the message the aliens broadcast is - SPOILER ALERT - really a countdown! Judd Hirsch is Goldblum's dad. Bill Pullman is no slouch as President Thomas Whitmore. After a rousing speech, he jumps in a fighter plane to take it right to the aliens! Unfortunately, neither the original or the sequel stream.

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    Thirteen Days

    There are a lot of great movies about the Kennedy Presidency. Our 35th President supervised production on PT 109, the story of his WWII adventure. He approved the script and the casting of actor Cliff Robertson to play him. William Devane played JFK in The Missiles of October. Although Kevin Costner is the star of Thirteen Days, Bruce Greenwood shows just how tough he and his cabinet were against Castro and Khrushchev.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Air Force One

    Toppa the Netflix queue, bay-bay!!! Not only does Air Force One give us a no-nonsense President James Marshall played by Han Solo, I mean Indiana Jones, I mean Harrison Ford; we also have an equally tough woman as Vice-President, too - Glenn Close as Second-in-Command, Kathryn Bennett. President Ford, I mean President Marshall, doesn't take anything from the terrorists, even beating their leader Gary Oldman before tossing him off the plane! Now THAT's a Commando-in-Chief!

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