I just LOVE this time of year! But, I HATE this time of year! Why?


Hi! My name is Maize. How are you today?

My wife and I love dogs. Over the years, we've had bassets.

Who wants a treat? Who wants a treat?

Other than Christmas, Father's Day, my birthday and maybe Groundhog Day, this is my favorite time of year! Ice cold beer, watermelon, burgers, brats and hot dogs - what's not to love? Fireworks maybe? The 4th of July is probably one of the few holidays that is really not dog-friendly. Four to six weeks of people I wouldn't trust to hold a glow stick shooting off fireworks.

I got nothin' ag'in fireworks, y'see. I love watching the display every year down at Silver Lake Park! But multiply how much I love watching fireworks by about 100, and that's how scary the loud explosions are for my Maize.

Here are some tips for keeping you dog, like my Maize, from freakin' out over the the 4th.


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    Keep Them Out of Cars

    Silver Lake Park, or wherever you're gonna be watching the display is going to spectacularly awesome and LOUD. bringing your pet - dog or cat - along in the car and leaving them there...not a good idea.

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    Keep Them Away From "People Food"

    You're havin' folks over for a backyard barbecue, grillin' out...make sure everybody keeps an eye on their plate! My Maize is a bonafide "counter-surfer"! We have to police the dining table and the kitchen counters! A second is all she needs, and - BOOM! - it's gone!

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    Make Sure S/He Has a Collar On!

    ...And probably a leash, too! According to the Humane Society, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters, thanks to scared dogs running away from fireworks. Make sure your dog has a collar with tags and a leash when going outside.

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    Make Their Space as Comfortable as Possible

    During the fireworks display, close the windows and put on some music - Rochester's Best Variety, of course - to cover up and drown out the loud booming explosions.

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    Keep Them AWAY From Fireworks

    Even if you do your own sparklers or fireworks at home this weekend, keep them inside, while you set them off outside. A dog's hearing is much more sensitive than human hearing.

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