What do guys want for Valentine's Day?

So, there was this discussion on Reddit where guys were asked what we really wanted for Valentine's. There's always the obvious answer. But here are some other pretty cool answers:

"Something that gets me a little closer to my dreams or hobbies."

"Things that I'll use: a nice wallet, sunglasses, Chapstick."

"A Darth Vader onesie."

"I prefer experiences over material objects. Make me dinner, or take me on a road trip."

"A couples' deep tissue massage . . . about an hour in the steam room . . . ice cold beer . . . a medium-rare porterhouse, baked potato, mushroom, salad dinner . . . and relax to an action movie of my choice."

My wife has gotten me some cool stuff over the years. Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I like to collect memorabilia and watch old television shows and movies. One year, she got me the new season of Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, a sonic screwdriver, and the Doctor Who Encyclopedia. I'm a Batman fan, so she's been getting me the seasons of the '60's live action series with Adam West. Then she leaves me alone to watch them by myself. It's all good, I leave her alone to watch her favorite sappy romance movies! This year we'll celebrate our 26th anniversary!

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