There's this new survey that shows when couples move in together, she's unloading a lot of stuff...none of it hers! What's she tossing? Here's the top five...

Guys, there's this new survey that shows that when you move in together, she throws out an average $340 worth of stuff. Your stuff!

What's she throwing away? Sports gear, equipment and memorabilia; your stereo or sound system; and maybe that ugly velvet painting you like so much.

What else?

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    Your Couch

    It starts with the furniture. You're blending from being two individuals into being a couple. She's bringing her style, taste and fashion sense and slowly re-shaping and re-molding you. That favorite chair or comfy couch? Yeah, make sure you say a fond farewell before it goes.

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    CDs and DVDs

    She's into sentimental romance, you're into Will Farrell and Mel Brooks. I noticed that, aside from a few exceptions - like Springsteen and Journey - the CDs my wife and I had became more Garth Brooks and George Strait. We've gone from renting movies to streaming them. Most of our "disagreements" come from what to add to the queue...

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    Slowly my jeans and tee shirts became polo shirts and khakis. I don't think its so much of leaving a mark as re-fashioning. Moving from my teens into my early 20's, I was fine. But as I got older, and my wife and were together longer, I noticed that tee shirts, jeans and tennis shoes just weren't pulling off the image we wanted anymore...

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    Toys - even the collectible ones!

    I think I'm a pretty lucky guy. My wife pretty much left my Star Wars action figure collection alone. Maybe that was because it ended up getting packed away, rather than being on display around our apartment. I've slowly negotiated my way back to having a corner, then a space for my stuff which was equal in dimension to the space she had for her knick-knacks...

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    Y'know all those National Geographic magazines that were passed down from your dad? Even if they weren', exactly National Geographic magazines, they're history. Even the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - especially that issue. Another reason that I think I'm pretty lucky is my wife has never messed with my comic book collection. It's repelled her like Kryptonite, so maybe that's why she's skirted around it.