A new survey found the most stressful things at work. What do you think they might be?

A new survey at Careercast found the most stressful things at work. What things stress you out at work? Share that in the comments below.

Here are the Top 5 things that cause the most pressure:

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    The length of the work day and work week

    Is it "hi-ho, hi-ho" or "I owe, I owe" so off to work we go? Whichever, hours in the day and week tend to build work stress.

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    Co-worker safety

    If you're responsible for the safety of your co-workers, you might get a few gray hairs, or start pulling your hair out. 16% said this was pretty stressful.

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    April 15th isn't the only deadline. If you're racing the clock, you just might be sweating bullets and the details. 20% said they do just that!

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    Interacting with your boss, co-workers and clients

    21% said that dealing with clients, co-workers and The Boss - not Springsteen - was pretty stressful.

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    26% said that unpredictability at work was very stressful. It's that basic fear of the unknown.

    What stresses you out at work? How do you handle pressure and stress in the workplace?

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