Rochester, it's time for a Time Change Time Chang! This isn't your usual Daylight Savings Time complaint...this complaint comes with a solution! We always "spring ahead" in the middle of the night, and that is bull-ogna! They sneak it in when we're not looking when we're sleeping, thinking we won't notice it, or we'll be too tired to care. And sure, we are tired, but we DO care! Are you listening, people in charge of this time-change-abuse? We've had enough!

The solution is simple.

woman in bed awakening

We've been complaining for decades about how DST messes with our sleep, our body rhythms, and our pets (our pets!!!). But complaining doesn't stop the wheel from turning. Action does. And this is the action I think all of us can get behind.

Change the time change time. Instead of 2 AM Sunday morning, let's Spring Forward on Friday at 4 PM. That way, we all get out of work an hour early, we all feel good about the change, and we have the weekend to adjust to the change.

Every one wins!

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