The internet erupted in rage when Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas didn't put her hand on her heart during the National Anthem. Is what she did really that bad?

Here's the story of Gabby's apology from the LA Times....

I was taught it was hand on heart for the pledge, hands by my sides for the anthem.

Maybe that's no longer the rule. Or at leas as of yesterday.

I'm bothered by such litmus tests for patriotism. They seem so dependent on the person NOT doing the thing. Gabby Douglas doesn't put her hand on her heart during the anthem, I read a ton of angry posts about it. Donald Trump doesn't put his hand on his heart during the anthem (as all the other candidates did), not a word (not that I'm saying he should have, just an example). A quick check of Getty Images tells me it's hit and miss. Some people do, some people don't.

So, why is it NOW a problem?

And what's next? Am I not a patriot if I don't own an American flag, or two flags? What if I don't wear an American Flag on my lapel? That wasn't a thing for our Presidents until relatively recently. Were the previous presidents less patriotic?

How does a person act? Are they respectful? Are they kind? Do they help make the world a better place? Our actions are so much more telling than a hand on the heart. It';s easy to fake that. It's not easy to fake all the rest.

ps - if you're offended by what Gabby didn't do, do you also rail against PC? Because, this is kinda exactly that.