A lot of radio stations, Y-105FM included, talked about a high-level Iowa government official being fired for lovin' on Tupac Shakur, including sending his 4,300 employees emails about Tupac and having Tupac Fridays, with Shakur's music playing all day in his office. He even had a Tupac themed 65th birthday party, with employees joining in bringing on-theme baked goods to work.

But, is that really why he was let go? Or, could it have been something else and the Tupac angle was just too juicy? Here's what I found...

According to ABC 9 in Iowa City, IA,

Emails obtained by The Associated Press show that Iowa Department of Human Services Director Jerry Foxhoven routinely sent messages to employees lauding Shakur's music and lyrics even after at least one complained to lawmakers. Then last month, he sent another such email to all 4,300 agency employees. He was abruptly ousted from his job the next work day.

That makes it sound like he got fired for the Tupac.

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Here's a different reason he may have been fired. Again from ABC 9 -

Foxhoven's ouster came amid multiple controversies involving the agency, which has a nearly $7 billion annual budget. They included difficult contract negotiations with managed care companies that run the Medicaid program, a trial detailing alleged mistreatment of boys at a state juvenile home, and an uptick in deaths at a center for the disabled.

So yeah, it coulda been the guy shared his love of Tupac Shakur too often and too loudly, but mistreatment and deaths sound like much more solid reasons to me.

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