Now that the Minnesota School of Business says they're shutting down campuses, I heard from two former students saying they ended up with useless degrees. Their stories will probably make you angry.

First, the news story:

The Woodbury-based higher education institution has announced it is in the process of shutting down its campuses...This news comes after the Department of Education recently announced it was dropping the schools from its federal student aid loan programs following a court ruling in favor of a lawsuit filed by the Minnesota Attorney General, claiming the schools had provided misleading information to some students, including those enrolled in a criminal justice program.

I said on the new Y-105FM's Facebook Page "If you were a student here, what do you think?" and wow, did I learn something.

Sheila said...

Well where do I begin? Lets just say I received my BA in Criminal Justice from there in 2011, this summer I was told by the State Attorney's office, that I will never be able to work in Probation or Law Enforcement with my degree (Juvenile Probation is what I wanted to do). Now I sit with a worthless degree and huge student loan do you suppose i feel??


I couldn't figure out why i wasn't able to get a job, here i thought maybe it was because I didn't have the experience, but it turned out because my degree was worthless.

Marie said...

I have a paralegal degree I can't use and $50000 student debt. Mayo won't even look at me. What am I going to do with a worthless piece of paper? I'm for them losing it all. I want my loans wiped out the same as all the other duped students. Career development wouldn't even return my calls for help, just blew me off and passed the buck.

What was your experience with