A little over 2 years ago I had a kidney transplant. (Thank you, Joan Rabe!) It was truly getting a new lease on life. Ever since then, I've had Kidney Dangerfield by my side. And today, he made a brief appearance on-air.

In December, the Month of James, KD acts as Mascot and Purveyor of Fun and Frivolity. And while that's quite a few months off, he does want to say a little something. So, may I present to you, Kidney Dangerfield!

Hey there!  Lemmie tell ya', I don't get no respect at all. I once bought a kidney shaped pool, and it had a stone in it! My family's always had trouble getting respect. Why, back during the Civil War, my great grandfather fought for the WEST!


I tell you it's not easy,...but, it's even tougher waiting for an organ. That's right, no joke. James was lucky, he only had to wait a year. But a lot of folks, they're waitin' five or ten years. So please, as soon as possible, become an organ donor.


Have I told you about my childhood? Oh, don't get me started! It was rough! I worked in a pet store and people kept asking how big I'd get. Once, I asked my old man if I could go ice-skating on the lake. He told me, "Wait til it gets warmer." HA! OK, thanks...you've been a great audience, I'll catch you later!

If you wanna know more about organ donation, click here. And really, even if you're just considering it, thank you.