According to the Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota has more than 140,000 miles of public roads, the fifth-largest number of miles in the United States, so knowing that fact, you shouldn't be surprised to see some things on the road that you won't see anywhere else. We've got unique bridges, tons of wildlife both living and non-living on the sides of the roads, and in one portion of the state, we've even got Pac-Man on the road.

If you've ever been East of Buffalo along Highway 55, you might have just missed the yellow Pac-Man, as it looks to be hungry for the white dots that grace the roadway. Pac-Man isn't that big, but he is indeed there on the roadway.

It's unclear when Pac-Man made his appearance on the road, but one post on the Quirky Minnesota Facebook page claims he was been there for years.

What's Are The Dots On The Road For?

According to the MnDOT website, the project to put the dots on Highway 55 began in 2006 in an effort to educate drivers on what the proper distance is to follow a vehicle during ideal driving conditions.

A project designed to assist drivers in identifying safe following distances under “normal driving conditions” took place along Highway 55 in Wright County between Buffalo and Rockford. The project included “dots” painted on the road, and signs directing drivers to keep at least two dots between them and the car ahead of them, when ideal driving conditions exist. Additional space should be added when conditions are less than ideal.

So the next time you are in the area, be sure to keep an eye out for Pac-Man, and of course, leave two dots between you and the vehicle you are following.

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