Have you ever been stuck somewhere for a long time and conjured up strange activities to keep yourself occupied? This guy did when he was stuck at the airport. I used to waterski on the Mississippi when I was younger, (yep, I was officially a river rat growing up.)  I remember that I would sometimes get bored when I was skiing, how is this possible, I know, but I did.  The sounds of the wake and the boat motor would inspire me to just sing a bunch of nonsense, I mean, nobody could hear me anyways, right?  I occupied myself. They didn't have cell phones back in those days to make videos.

Not that I would make a video of that anyways, because last time I checked, phones weren't meant to be used around large amounts of water. However, if I were to go waterskiing tomorrow and happened to embark upon my traditional self-entertainment activity of singing to myself, it probably would've gone something like this:

You know what I think?   That was a pretty cool activity to pass time. His name is Richard Dunn and I would bet that time he was 'All By Himself' flew by pretty quickly because he had a mission to make that video.  I think I like this fella a little bit more after watching that!   HA! He did do a good job, no?  My favorite part was when he made friends with the turtle at the end. Quick - somebody snatch up that fella and get him making movies!