Ticks ARE active and roaming around Minnesota. I just pulled one off of my Saint Bernard the other day.  And yes, wrestling a Saint Bernard to pull a tick off is as fun as it sounds.  If you aren't sure what types of ticks we have in our area, click here to learn about the types and also what they look like.  But if you want to see a tick in action, I've got a video that shows exactly how a tick digs into your skin.


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Disgusting Video Shows How A Tick Digs Into Your Skin (WATCH)

A few years ago, I was taking my kids to the bus stop and on our short walk, I gave one of my kids a little hug and rubbed his hair in a goofy way because I was the silly mom and trying to get the day off in a fun way.  Well, as I was rubbing his hair, I touched the back of his ear and felt a bump.  A bump that was NOT supposed to be there.

It was a tick.


When it showed up to feast on my kid...I have no idea.  All I knew was that I had about 2 minutes before the bus came to get this bloodsucker off of his body.

I've never understood why ticks exist or how their little faces end up getting under your skin.  Although it is absolutely disgusting, the YouTube video below explains how ticks actually dig in our bodies and some of the science behind this critter that makes my skin crawl.

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