The Minnesota Historical Society wanted to find a way to help students and teachers dealing with distance learning, so they've made their book, Northern Lights, an interactive eBook, available without cost!

According to the MNHS,

...the e-book offers a variety of educational tools, including videos, audio narration, interactive maps, additional primary sources and more...users can learn about everything from Native peoples to women’s suffrage to immigration in Minnesota.

Teachers can also request free access to the Annotated Teacher’s Edition of the textbook, containing additional content and activity suggestions.

It's written for 6th graders, but let's be honest, they make kids' books WAY more interesting than adult history books.

And there's no reason it has to be used ONLY for distance learning. Home schools, people interested in Minnesota history, or parents looking for things to keep their or their children's minds active are welcome to use it.

  • WHAT: MN Historical Society's Textbook, for 6th graders, Northern Lights (eBook version)
  • WHERE: Click HERE.
  • USER NAME AND PASSWORD: history and history. (That info is also on the web-page).

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