You’ve seen them everywhere...stick figures of a family on the bumper or back window of a car or truck.   Yet those seemingly innocent decals could possibly put a family at risk.

Search and Rescue Ohio

A group called “Search and Rescue Ohio” posted an image on their Facebook page that shows how criminals might be able to get important information from those car decals and use that information against the car’s owner.  For example they say that seeing a child with a football helmet might tip-off the bad guys that a child in the family has practice after school.  Search and Rescue Ohio says that image was shared more than 30,000 times which makes it their most popular post.

Not everyone agrees that it’s a danger however.  Critics say that it’s “fear-baiting”.  One said that unless you put your Social Security number on your vehicle, you won’t make yourself any more a potential crime victim that you’d normally be.

Bottom line, it’s up to you to decide what goes on your car window.  In the end, it may or may not matter.