I took a picture yesterday. It turned out to be the most hopelessly generic picture you can imagine. Basically, it looks like a stock photo. What is that? They're those pics you see that look pretty, but are completely devoid of soul, feeling, and reality.

For instance, I search "grocery store" and I get...

Or, I search, "back to school" and boom! Back to school kids.

Need a woman threatening to punch muscular man?  Type, click, done.

Or, maybe you need a joyful multicultural group? Stock photo to the rescue!

Now, back to me. I think I stand a chance at being a Stock Photo Superstar, and here's why. I was at the grocery store and, for a very silly/private reason, I took this pic in front of the yogurt cooler. I sent it to my lady friend and she noted how Stock Photoish I looked! And she's right!

So, two things...

a) Chobani? Hire me to be Man In Chobani Yogurt Section!

ii) Once the idea was put into my head, this conversation was in my head...

Excuse me...you're James Rabe!

- I am.

You're the Man in Yogurt Section stock photo superstar!

- It's true.

You're internationally famous!

- I cannot deny that allegation.

May I have your autograph?

- Only if you promise to give freely of your time to non-profits close to your heart.

((kisses my hand))

I will. I will! Bless you, Mr Rabe. Bless you!

- Please...call me James.