Disney's newest hit movie is causing controversy this Halloween. Do you think it's appropriate for any kid to dress as Moana?


I feel like so many girls dressed up like Pocahontas and Princess Jasmine back in the day, and obviously I wasn't as aware of cultural appropriation that I am now. Are people just more sensitive to this type of situation now? OR, is it getting more attention now that social media is around?

My adorable little blonde haired, blue eyed sister would make a dang cute Moana, and I can't imagine having to tell her "no, you can't be Moana!"... Isn't the whole point of Halloween to dress like someone you admire? Be someone different for a day? I mean, I would much rather see her be Moana than a "sexy Pennywise" (oh, it's out there... trust me!).

Two different Magazines are saying, don't let your daughter be Moana unless she's of Poynesian decent. I feel like Robby from Reason.com said it best: "This is the mixed-up logic of cultural appropriation, which ought to be opposed by all people of liberal, cosmopolitan, multicultural persuasions. It's a joy-killing, curiosity-shaming, inclusion-discouraging theory that divides people naturally inclined to cross boundaries that ought to be crossed."

So, what do you think?

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