Here are some songs I'm considering adding to the Y-105 playlist and I'm curious what you think. You can vote more than once (just hit refresh) and you can also say more than just yes or no....please, comment away!

First, Justin Bieber, "Sorry." I agree with Billboard...all the crap the dude got into (It still irks me that he relieved himself into a cleaning guy's wash bucket. Who does that?) an apology is welcomed by many people (not me...he doesn't need to say he's sorry to me).

From a PR perspective, Purpose is the album Justin Bieber had to make. The 21-year-old Canadian pop star spent the last couple years running amok from Munich (where his pet monkey was confiscated in 2013) to Miami Beach (scene of a 2014 DUI arrest) to Rio de Janeiro (that notorious brothel visit)....For his fourth album to work, the Biebs needs to seem humble, repentant, and grown up.

There are so many digging-deep-for-emotion songs right now, like this one by Kelly Clarkson. The radio version is really good, but her American Idol performance? Uh-Maze-Ing!  Tho, EW reported that she didn't feel so good about it when she left the stage.

On a visit to Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Clarkson says that after moving the crowd to tears, “I came off almost in tears for a different reason, because I was so embarrassed. I was like, ‘Oh God, this is my final thing on Idol and I could not hold it together.’ I was almost losing it almost the entire song.” It took a backstage pep talk from her husband to remind her not to “ruin the moment” by giving in to her embarrassment.

This is the one they released for radio.

And finally, a very powerful song from Lady Gaga that focuses on sexual assaults and activists trying to put a stop to the violence.

From a Billboard article...

Recently, Lady Gaga opened up about being a rape survivor, saying she channeled her personal experience into the song. At a TimesTalks panel Dec. 10 to promote the film, she elaborated, saying, “Because of the way that I dress, and the way that I'm provocative as a person, I thought that I had brought it on myself in some way, that it was my fault."


Remember, this video for this one doesn't hold back. Trigger warning: graphic scenes depicting sexual assault / rape.