Being a larger guy, I tend to sweat a lot, even when it's cool outside.  For me, it's mostly underarm sweat, and of course with that moisture comes odor.

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I know, really sexy talk here, but I think real world talk for a lot of people.  I've personally tried probably sixty or more deodorants over the course of my post-puberty life, and some have worked pretty well at curbing odor.

For several years now, I have mostly been using Old Spice Swagger which has worked well for me.  That is until just recently.  For some reason, the full day of no stink isn't happening anymore with that one, so I once again went searching for something that would work.

My wife happened to be ordering from Lume Deodorant and with a large enough order got free shipping, so she added on some for me too.

The one she got me is labeled as a "Whole Body Deodorant" claiming 72-hour odor control, which many I have tried claim.  Out of the gate, I was turned off by the product.  While it claims to be unscented, there is a scent to it. By unscented, they must mean no fragrance added, to me, it almost smells like cinnamon gum that was left in a hot truck or the bottom of a purse for six months.

The odor to it did dissipate after a bit, but I still wasn't a fan initially.  Now, this isn't an anti-perspirant, it's just deodorant, so there were not promises of stopping moisture.  It did seem to help with that a bit though.  But let's talk about the odor control.

I maybe made it 8-10 hours before I started to notice some stink.  Not much, but it was cutting through the deodorant.  By 12 hours in, the odor was fully there and not pleasant.  Considering the 3-ounce tube was $20, that's pretty disappointing.  I tried it a second day, applying a bit more than previously and the results were the same.

Everyone is different with their bodies of course, so maybe it works for others like many reviews say.  It just doesn't work for this big sweaty guy and plenty of four dollar sticks of deodorant last longer than Lume.

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