It was a year ago today that we added a member to our family.   I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t really want a dog.  They bark, they shed, they poop and they need lots of attention.  My wife and 9-year-old son Logan finally wore me down and I gave in…especially after my son promised to take on specific duties and responsibilities in caring for the dog.

For me to get on board, I wanted to do some research so that we could find the right dog for our family.  We agreed that we wanted a smaller dog.  And instead of breaking in a puppy, we were looking for an older ‘experienced’ dog…neutered, house-trained and up-to-date with their shots.

First we looked online at places like Paws & Claws and Camp Companion.  We found several dogs we liked and narrowed it down to five or six.  The next day we went to check ‘em out.  The first dog we saw was a little Chihuahua/Mini Pin mix named Brock.

He was 9 years old and blind in one eye but took an immediate liking to us, especially Logan.  Then we checked out the others and found a cute little Shih Tzu who was also very friendly.  We narrowed it down to those two.  My wife and I would have been fine with either so we left the decision up to our boy.

After much thought, Logan made his decision and I loved his reasoning.  He said the Shih Tzu was perfect…cute, cuddly, loving…and would have no trouble finding a home. Brock on the other hand was not perfect. Because he was older and blind in one eye, Logan worried no one else would want him so he thought we should have him join our family.

The next day we filled out the paperwork and took Brock home and it was the best decision we ever made.  He fit in right away and has been a joy!  He’s loving, playful, loyal and a big part of our family.  I’m now so glad we got a dog and it turns out the imperfect dog is indeed the perfect one for us.