Dogs driving.   Safe?   Hardly.  This lil guy is in a lil trouble for causing a crash at a red light. The dog was taking his drive, when a woman at a red light just happened to be in his way. Toby, the chihuahua owned by Jason Martinez, now has a revoked license, not that he ever had one in the first place. Toby hit Tabitha Ormaechea when she was waiting for the light to turn green at an intersection in Spokane.   She claims to have had to really do a double take, because at first she did not see anyone in the truck driving after the accident occurred.  A little dog peeked up over the steering wheel to look at her.   There was not much damage, Toby hit Tabitha's wheel, and had been moving very slowly, while she was parked. His owner, Martinez, had been in a nearby store when someone came in to ask if anyone owned a gold car.   He said he didn't know what to think at first, but that Toby is getting his liscence revoked.