How much is a one-dollar bill worth? Well, for 99 % of bills in circulation, the obvious answer is, in fact, one dollar. However, because of a printing error, that one dollar could be worth over $100,000.

It's a dollar bill that is hiding out there somewhere and just might be in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. But in order to spot it, you have to know exactly what to look for.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Every single dollar bill in circulation has its own unique serial number that can never be reprinted. And according to Diario AS Online Sports Newspaper, there are more American Dollars with these printing errors than you might realize:

According to information collected by TyC Sports,there are around 6.4 million dollar bills that were issued in duplicate with the same serial number. These are being sought after by thousands of collectors in the country. So far, only nine pairs of mistakenly duplicated dollar bills have been found, which means there are millions of these circulating across the country and probably around the world. 

-Diario AS Online Sports Newspaper

So, which types of serial numbers should you be on the lookout for? Again, according to Diario AS Online Sports Newspaper, if the number is between B00000001 and B00250000 or B03200001 and B09600000, you could be in luck.

To read more on how to spot these dollar bills, read the article from Diario AS Online Sports Newspaper here.

And to watch a video on how to spot one of these valuable dollar bills, check out the YouTube link below.

Story Source: Diario AS Online Sports Newspaper

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