Before you put that stamp on the envelope and mail out your Christmas cards, double-check that you aren't making these huge mistakes that are common on cards from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Huge Grammar Mistakes Happening on Christmas Cards Mailed From Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

As I was creating our beautiful Christmas card this year, I had some questions about grammar and how and where to put the "s" for Merry Christmas from the Williams Family.  Is it Williams's Family?  Williams'?


I usually just close my eyes and type with my eyes closed and hope for the best when it comes to grammar issues.  Just kidding. I did find a helpful video that will answer all your questions and make your card perfect though this year.  You can see it below.

Are you planning to send out Christmas cards this year?

Now, if you aren't sending out cards this year and you need someone to tell you that it is ok, because you are feeling some guilt, send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.  I am the master of not sending cards out and so far, the world has kept on spinning even without family hearing about our latest accomplishments or what instruments the kids are playing this year. It will be ok and I will reassure you with a message back.

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Rochester's Christmas Station is Back and excited to play your favorites!

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