If there is one thing I've learned over my 20 year friendship with James Rabe, it's that usually I'm right and he's wrong. What?  I SAID usually!!

Take the other day for instance.  The boss brought  doughnuts to the station because she is fabulous  and that's just the kind of cool thing she would do.  (Thanks boss!  *wink*)

Now I like doughnuts quite a little bit.  Not as much as ....oh, say PIE, but I do like doughnuts.  More accurately though, on a regular day I wouldn't have a problem just walking past the doughnuts, but when someone offers you FREE doughnuts and just LEAVES them sitting there for you, well...I can't say no!  To just a bite.  I can't say no to just a bite.

I'm the person at work who cuts just a bite out of the treats that someone brought in.  Muffins, doughnuts, scones...just a bite.  Yes that's me!  And if you bring in an assortment from someplace like Great Harvest Breads; guess what?!  I might cut out a bite from more than one thing!

I wash my hands before I use the knife.  I do not touch any part of the food that I'm not going to eat.  It's all legit!  But James Rabe acts like cutting a bite out of a doughnut is the same as if I went through the box and licked each and every one.

What, should I take one bite and throw the rest in the garbage?!!  What a waste!  I'd say in the big scheme of things, James would be grateful if he came upon a box of doughnuts that looked like this.

Because it is a fact:  2/3rd of a doughnut, ain't half bad!