If there were more people like this, the world might be a happier place.

Many parts of our nation have been under a lot of tension and unrest over the past several months. With discussions about police brutality, racial relations, peaceful demonstrations, non-peaceful demonstrations, etc., people are on edge. That's why we need more videos like this one.

The Dover Dashcam Confessional is back. You might remember the viral video that over 30 million people saw in January that showed a cop lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'. This time he's got his partner in the squad car with him and they get into a bunch of popular songs together.

If I'm ever in Dover, Delaware and need help OR for some reason get pulled over, I hope I encounter these guys. I'm betting the interaction would be pleasant and memorable. Gosh, even if they handed me a ticket for speeding, I'm thinking I'd probably just 'Shake It Off' by lip-syncing right along with them.