How creepy would it be to sleep in Dracula's castle?  I know there are probably people that would love the idea of having their very own scary digs like this , but bizarre.   It's like a haunted house, would you want to live in one?  Sure it may be entertaining for a couple of days, but if your dishes keep getting broken and weird things happen, well, would you wanna continue living there?  I'm sure its a nice castle, as a matter of fact, you can look at it here.  I do think it would be weird to live here however, it might be fun to visit, but...  yeah, can't say I'd want to buy this for a home to live in.  Besides, the last time it was for sale, it was listed for $135 mill.   So you'd really have to want it, bad.

I am a bit shocked at how different it looks from what I had envisioned. This is the castle that inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula.