It's not complicated...I love to sing, but Tracy smacks me down when I do it in the studio, so I've learned to recite the lyrics like an actor...which, it turns out, is WAY more annoying than singing 'em. This video proves it!

The studio is a weird place when the songs are playing. Sometimes we're on the phone, sometimes we're getting more coffee, or playing with a fidget spinner. Or any of a million other things, but for the four hours of the NEW Y-105FM Early Morning Show, we are in constant motion.


Back in the day, Cori and I posed for a lot of pictures. A LOT of pictures. Sometimes by professionals. Mostly not, mostly just us.

Also, I still have that sweater.

The weirdest thing I used to do was play "Catch it in Your Mouth" with an intern. Take one bag of Frosted Mini Spooners, toss in air, watch the intern try to catch it in their mouth. If Facebook LIve had been a thing back then, it would have gone national. The kid was good! Missed maybe one out of 10 tosses!

Go even further back, and Tracy and I would just chitchat while I held the dog.

Family Broadcast
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