Finding the perfect wedding dress for one's special day can be stressful. One individual was outraged after her friend went for a bridal gown fitting and was told by the shop she needed to pony up $489 to alter her wedding dress — or sign a waiver pledging to lose weight before coming back for her final fitting.

Sharing the story on Mumsnet, the friend explained the bride-to-be ordered "a very expensive wedding dress from a well-known designer."

"She went to be measured this week and was told that because she was 'in-between' sizes she would either have to pay £450 ($489) extra to have it made to her exact size or sign a waiver agreeing to lose around 14 pounds before her final fitting, which is four months before her actual wedding next June," she continued, asking, "Is this normal? I think it's horrifying and toxic!"

In an update to her post on the parenting forum, the friend clarified the bride "was expecting to have to pay £200 ($217) for alterations but the shop is saying because she's in between sizes she needs to pay £450 ($489) for an in-between size."

Perhaps surprisingly, users backed the designer, suggesting they're just doing their job.

"They've clearly been burned by too many brides who wouldn't pay the £450 ($489) to get the dress in a size that would fit, said they'd diet and then caused a big fuss when they didn't. She could pay the extra and order the bigger size instead," one person wrote.

"The waiver is so she pays for the dress even if it's too small because she didn't lose the extra weight. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me," another commented.

"A friend of mine owned a bridal shop. She had real problems with brides-to-be who ordered a certain size dress and then got pregnant, before the wedding, so it didn't fit. Some refused to pay to have it altered, so it was a real pain," another weighed in.

"She had a choice not to sign anything and go to a different shop. Can't see the problem here," someone else wrote.

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