We are no strangers in these parts to driving in what can sometimes be treacherous and terrible road conditions.  I am certain there are a few people around here with some serious winter driving skills, and of course, many with not very many, sadly.  Driving on ice is not my idea of fun, but Bentley takes that to an entirely different level.  They offer an instructional program package led by a multiple title-holder of the ice driving speed record in the frozen arctic environment of Finland.  I am sure precautions are provided, such as making sure there are no obstacles around to cause safety hazards, or people, and the adequate supervision and training no doubt comes in handy.

Is it just me, or does the mere thought of driving a 'Bentley' on a frozen lake covered with ice make you a little squeemish?   I am not so sure I would be able to handle the pressure of that.   What if you wreck it?  I am not so sure that I personally would be able to handle driving one on a normal non icy surface!


There is a package that one can buy to this 'Power On Ice' course that runs for an entire month beginning on February 6th, 2014. The cost for this instructional getaway has not been released.  I would imagine it is not cheap, in addition to the driving instruction, the package includes airfare, a month's stay at luxury accommodations with saunas and fireplaces, and even a nighttime sled right pulled by huskies.  Don't forget the use of the Bentley.  This event takes place in Finland on a frozen lake.

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