The highlight of my weekend was all about the John Marshall marching band; specifically the drumline.  It was JM's homecoming, you see and so not only did I attend the parade and enjoyed the band as they marched by, but I also went to the homecoming football game.  The band is so fabulous, but unfortunately I was knee deep in popcorn, soda and cocoa in the concession stand and missed their half-time performance.

That's OK though, since I planned to watch the drumline bring the evening to a close after the game.  After the football game, the band marched off John Drews Field and up to the front of the school.  That's when the fun started!  Here's a taste for you:


Each time I watch this video, it makes me more and more happy! I LOVED playing in the pep band when I was a teenager, so those memories flood back. However watching the joy and energy of this young crowd of musicians absolutely makes my day.
Rock on, drumline!