The headline sounds like click-bait, but it's 100% true! Rochester kids will become leaders if you eat ice cream at the new Downtown Rochester ice cream shop. Here's the scoop. (HA!)

The Boys and Girls Club of Rochester is working toward a November opening for their new member run ice cream shop downtown called The Chocolate Twist. The club owns everything that’ll be part of it, so ALL the proceeds’ll fund programming at the club.

Plus, the club members old enough to work at the shop will dip ice cream, and they’ll be working on managing the books, or curating the flavors of the ice creams or candies they sell. Think about it...the members will learn bookkeeping, computer skills, customer service skills and more. All stuff they'll need in life, no matter if they go into business or not.

To learn how to start a business from the ground up, the members put together a Kickstarter. Just click HERE to help 'em out.

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